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Written by Andrew Clark on 13 June 2017

Take an international view with a network spanning more than 60 countries, including USA, Canada, India and China.

Services at your fingertips

  • International connections
  • Tailored support
  • Innovation management
  • Access to funding and finance
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Advice on regulations and standards
  • Tender alert services 

Our support services allow you to access expert, comprehensive business advice specific to your industry. 


Tailored for businesses which are already up and running, here’s a closer look at what we can do to help you find a business partner around the world.


Hands joining together


Services provided by our international business advisers 


Our business advisers offer a wide range of services to help your business succeed in the long-term.


Tailored support


EEN allow you to take advantage of business adviser skills and use them to drive forwards within your industry.


All support draws on the expertise of talented individuals within a wide variety of sectors. It isn’t general or vague business guidance, but advice that has been tailored to ensure it’s valuable to you.


We helped a Southampton based startup, Pplus Skin Care, target new markets and develop their products through a mission to Japan with EEN’s Global Business Accelerator programme. 


The aim of the visit was to help startups in the cell and gene therapy sector to commercialise their innovations through partnerships, collaborations and knowledge exchange with businesses and research organisations in Japan.


“We made some really good contacts and explored the market. We also talked with some of the universities and science parks about potential collaboration opportunities. You can’t put a value on that. It was amazing.”


Dr Mitra Najafi, Founder, Pplus Skin Care


Innovation management


Innovation management is a combination of the innovation management process and change management. It deals with control, organisation and planning.


It can help fix internal issues to ensure the business doesn’t hemorrhage money, or it can be integral when trying to conquer new markets. 


An adviser can help you streamline processes, allowing you to develop and implement ideas or shape framework conditions.


Innovation and change in business is key to reaching your goals; a mentor can help ensure you achieve this.


We recently supported a West Midlands acoustic testing, AVA Consulting, by recommending the company made radical changes to their business offerings. This has seen them grow at speed and increase their net worth to £880k+


“As our EEN adviser, Martin has been hugely instrumental in the successful growth of AVA Consulting. The i2s programme in particular has helped us refine our recent business strategy to focus on novel electric motor and vehicle testing methods, alongside further customer diversification.”

Richard Crompton, Director, AVA Consulting


Access to funding and finance


EEN can provide you with access to funding and finance for your business, opening up a wide range of opportunities. 


There are a number of different routes available to you, such as investment and grants (UK and international). 


Our experienced business advisers can help you work out and decide the best option for your business.


We’ve helped a company that recycles waste coffee grounds as carbon-neutral logs and pellets for wood burners and other heating systems to raise an expected $4 million from investors in 2019 - helping them diversify and target overseas markets. Bio-bean was helped by EEN to refine its offer to prospective investors and commercial partners as well as receiving expert pitch training. 


Advice on regulations and standards


Understanding and keeping up with all the different regulations or standards within your sector can be difficult. A mentor can offer the support you need to ensure you’re aware of everything affecting your business domestically and internationally.  .


Advisers: benefits of a business mentor 


Business advisers offer a great level of support to growing businesses, if you’re unsure of the full potential of bringing an adviser on board, here’s a closer look at the benefits:


Market insights


Data-driven, well-researched insights into a particular market are hugely significant for any business, big or small.


This information can help you appeal to and engage a wider audience, or break into a new market entirely. 


Our professional business advisers can give you access to the insights you require, including international markets and collaboration partners.


Gain fresh perspective


Even if you’re experienced in business, it’s a rapid, fast-moving world. 


Gaining new perspectives on how to run your company can help you stay ahead and ensure you don’t get left behind. An adviser can provide these, offering a helping hand and raising any areas of interest you may have overlooked.


Key for growth


Finding new ways to grow and develop should be central to any business plan. An adviser can help you achieve your goals, offering new practices and helping you uphold certain standards.


Sometimes, all your business may require to get to the next level is someone to steer or point you in the right direction.


One-on-one support


Particularly where small businesses are concerned, having the dedicated support and guidance of an experienced individual is invaluable.


Having a mentor to talk about your business with can ensure you don’t miss any vital steps and help you work through any areas of difficulty or uncertainty. With our help, you’ll have the knowledge and guidance from small business experts to boost your growth.


Secure long-term success


Anyone can have short-term success, but longevity is crucial. 


Our personal business advisers can help you meet your long-term goals, ensuring your strategy is viable.


Our partnering opportunities


There’s a plethora of business partnering opportunities out there. Enterprise Europe Network can make you aware of all the SME and academic partners that could be useful for your company. 


These could help you manufacture, co-develop and improve supply of your products or services.