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Our network of over 3000 global innovation experts can help you forge global partnerships and scale your business with government support.

Services to take your business global

Our network of over 3,000 innovation experts can connect you with the right partners, in the right sectors and in the right countries to take your business global. Innovate UK’s partners, the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), are your gateway to global opportunities and offer:

  • a database of thousands of potential global partners
  • knowledge of new global markets, business models and dealing with regulations
  • advice on nurturing your best new global innovation ideas
  • help in making sense of the hundreds of global funding opportunities.

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Find trusted partners

Our partnership database is updated daily and puts thousands of organisations within easy reach, so you can connect with interested companies and develop fruitful business partnerships.

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Prepare to move into new markets

We can help your business identify the most viable markets and comprehensively explore opportunities with advice from our network of more than 3,000 experts. It can introduce you to new ways of sourcing and selling across different countries, as well as helping you to navigate local rules and regulations.



Improve your innovation management

We can help your business to identify key areas of innovation in order to rapidly commercialise concepts, scale up and grow your bottom line. We do this by helping improve innovation management which can allow you to effectively nurture and launch your best new ideas.



Access finance

We help businesses make sense of the hundreds of funding and finance opportunities available. We advise on the best ways to secure funding from sources such as grants, loans and equity investment as well as through R&D tax credits.

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Network of advisers

From your local UK contact point, our network can connect your business with 3,000 experts in 600 organisations across more than 60 countries.

Join 2,000 other businesses who have gone global with our help

Our global support service has helped thousands of companies:

  • find collaboration partners
  • explore opportunities in over 66 countries
  • identify the best global funding opportunities for their business.
Our service will introduce you to potential commercial countries helping you expand your business internationally
We've helped UK-based SMEs raise over £155m in funding over the last 3 years
Over 2000 companies secured intensive coaching and mentoring services through our service in the last 3 years
Explore the global opportunity for your innovation

Our network of advisers and our understanding of the global opportunities for business mean we can help you understand the opportunity for your business.