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Digital software firm wins €430,000 for TV innovation

An award-winning digital TV software specialist in Bristol gained more than €430,000 of EU R&D funding with help from EEN in the South West.

Written by Leigh Jenkins on 1 October 2015

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€430k funding secured

Ocean Blue Software also used the network to find a partner company in Germany who provided access to new technologies and markets.


Broadcast and IP


Ocean Blue had wanted to create and deploy a hybrid (broadcast and IP) product for connected TVs and set-top boxes. They contacted EEN to find out if they were eligible for funding support from Eurostars, the European research & development fund.


Eurostars supports SMEs developing innovative products, processes and services that can give them a competitive advantage in international markets. The funding is for projects intended for rapid commercialisation and growth into new markets.


Software development


Successfully guided by EEN through the Eurostars application process, Ocean Blue struck up a collaboration with a leading German software development company, iP4.tv GmbH, based at Furtwangen in south-western Germany.

Eurostars gave us the opportunity to jointly develop with Ocean Blue something the two companies had a vested interest in. It has enabled us to make the project happen and in a shorter amount of time.

Christof Winker, iP4.tv


The Eurostars funding has allowed us to accelerate research and development on a new product, for which we won four contracts before we even completed it.

Paul Martin, CEO, Ocean Blue Software